Jan 18 2022

IOF Beverage Integrity Tracking

Discover how the IOF project used ReachOut to validate IoT business use cases.


Two beta-testing campaigns were conducted using ReachOut in the BIT (Beverage integrity tracking use case) of IOF2020 (Internet of food and farm) project. The business user acceptance testing checked IoT applications market acceptance while defining business models. An example of use case focused on the wine quality, tracking temperature and shock during its transportation.

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Jan 13 2022

ReachOut Lottery Prize

Draw of the special prize offered by ReachOut in recognition of beta tester efforts.


Date: Thursday, January 13, 2022
Time: 4:00AM-4:30PM
Place: online
Title: ReachOut Prize Draw 
Speakers: Alexandre Lefebvre (UShareSoft)

The ReachOut H2020 project supports H2020 research projects and European SMEs to develop connections with their markets and early end-users. ReachOut provides a platform and a methodology to help them create and implement beta-testing campaigns, collect user feedback and develop their ecosystem. The feedback collected were most of the time very useful and much appreciated by campaign managers. 

The participating beta testers in one or more ReachOut beta-testing campaigns were offered several recognition and monetary rewards. Two ReachOut test{fest} contests have been organized in 2021. 

Moreover, to express our appreciation for their efforts, this online session proposed an electronic draw  to select one of the 93 beta testers who agreed to provide their contact details, out of a total of the 379 participants. 

The open source Plouf-Plouf software was used during the realtime Lottery Price Draw. This session was recorded, but as names appear during the price draw and for GDPR compliancy, the video is not public. For the same reason, we've used a selection of screenshots below. 

More photos


TRIPLE multicultural discovery platform

The project team gained improvements for its social sciences platform.


Thanks to ReachOut, the TRIPLE project consortium was able to evaluate its GoTriple platform, an innovative and multicultural discovery solution for the social sciences and humanities. The current functionalities were tested and evaluated, and proposals of improvements have been collected. 

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Dec 03 2021

European Big Data Value Forum 2021

The ReachOut BetaCenter platform will be showcased at the European Big Data Value Forum 2021


Date: Friday, December 03, 2021
Time: 9:30AM-10:00AM
Place: online and Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Title: ReachOut the beta-testing campaign platform for research projects
Speakers: Yury Glikman (Fraunhofer FOKUS), Alexandre Lefebvre (UShareSoft), Paula Forbes (Abertay University)
Official EBDVF website

Event agenda

Dec 01 2021

HELIOS BYOSMA campaign is open

Developers are invited to try the Helios Bring Your Own Social Media App

Developers with basic Android programming skills, please follow the Step-by-Step guide before providing your feedback. To get started, we are providing you a sample APP to build, with source codes in GitHub. It should be built with a recent version of Android Studio, to a minimum Android version of 9.

For more instructions, please read the full beta-testing campaign

Nov 23 2021

BDVA Data Plaform Workshop

EU Data plaform projects are now ready to start their beta-testing campaigns using ReachOut!

Date: 23 Nov. 2021
ReachOut representant: Yury Glikman
Attendees: 60 from around 20 digital data projects

This workshop allows ReachOut coordinator to present the ReachOut beta-testing platform and the collaboration of DataVaults with the ReachOut team and services.
As several participating projects are now in Year 2 with prototypes available, they can follow this example and provide a beta-testing campaign during the next weeks.

Nov 09 2021

OSXP 2021 SlideDeck


Example of Slidedeck used at OSXP 2021 in Paris, 5-6 November 2021, to present DECODER and the ReachOut platform used for beta-testing campaigns.
A dedicated ReachOut Pod on the OW2 booth also provided demos and up-to-date Press Releases available in English and French using QR code to avoid multiple printed documents. More photos of the OW2 booth at OSXP'21 in the event section.

Nov 09 2021

OW2 is showcasing ReachOut at OSXP

OW2 and the ReachOut project are fostering developers and business users to evaluate
a dozen innovative software and provide their feedback until 30 November 2021. 

Paris, November 9, 2021 - OW2, the international community dedicated to the development and promotion of open source software for enterprise information systems, invites beta testers to explore innovative new software at the ReachOut test{fest} on OSXP booth #C16c and, at their convenience, until the end of November 2021.

View the full Press Release.

Nov 09 2021

OSXP 2021, Paris

ReachOut platform will be showcased during the main open source event in Paris, next November.

Open Source Experience Paris
Date: 9-10 Nov. 2021
Place: Palais des congrès, Paris
Event website:

Open Source Experience is the new key European event (replacing Paris Open Source Summit), with the goal to bring together the entire open source expert community for two days for a new dynamic in a sector that is constantly innovating. Open Source Experience offers:
- A hybrid physical-and-digital event format
- A unique and relevant program.
- A showroom with over 70 exhibitors, over 150 conferences
- A digital platform for greater visibility, lead detection and content sharing

OW2 is participating in Open Source Experience both in the conferences and in the exhibition.
A community booth is shared by OW2 with three collaborative projects were OW2 is involved as dissemination partner: ReachOut, DECODER and FASTEN and with corporate members Xwiki and FusionDirectory.

Nov 02 2021

Infore MSA User Interface


The Infore project team improved the user interface of its MSA (Maritime Situational Awareness) use case, thanks to a ReachOut beta-testing campaign.
Targeting business users and decision makers, this campaign focused on the usability of the MSA platform to monitor and forecast events such as threats and illegal fishing. User's feedback raised interresting new features such as a time-frame slider to display past ship events and allowed the software developers to highlight most relevant features in the application or re-design some of them.

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