ReachOut Methodology to Run Successful Beta-Testing Campaigns

The ReachOut Methodology in Slides

This 34 slides presentation details the tools, methods, process and best practices that can be employed to develop and run a successful beta-testing campaign using the ReachOut platform. 

The Detailed ReachOut Methodology


We call ReachOut Methodology the set of concepts, process and resources used by research projects to define and run a beta-testing campaign and provided by the ReachOut BetaCenter platform.
This reference document contains three parts and 28 pages. The first part outlines what is a beta-testing campaign and why it is useful for research projects. It builds the case for beta-testing as an efficient mean to focus research project’s effort towards addressing market needs. The second part presents the main steps and processes to be followed by research projects in a beta-testing campaign. It describes what projects have to do by themselves with or without using the ReachOut BetaCenter. The third part introduces the resources provided by the ReachOut BetaCenter to help research project develop and run their beta-testing campaigns.

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