Success Stories

Oct 20 2021

Articonf Success Story

Thanks to ReachOut, the Articonf team was able to plan and start implementing seven new software features based on the feedback of early users.


The objectives of this campaign were to adapt a use case to its market, finding insights that can be transformed into new software features.
The Car Sharing use cas provides an AI-driven mobile app mixing car pooling and car sharing models allowing cost sharing and safe travel among passengers, using blockchain technology.

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Sep 18 2020

STAMP Success Story


The STAMP team engaged external developers to evaluate and to amplify their own software testing suite, with a little help from ReachOut.

The STAMP toolsuite has been evaluated by professional Java teams in Europe, including EC-DGIT, CGI, Orange, Sopra-Steria, Station-F startup campus, Universities and SMEs.
The campaign feedback raised several technical issues, a few needs for software extensions and more programming languages.    

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Sep 14 2020

CROSSMINER Success Story


"The CROSSMINER platform provides us an easy assessment if the quality and maintainability of open source library used in our products"  Alessandra Bagnato (Softeam).

Modeliosoft development team (Softeam) tested the deployment and usage of the CROSSMINER platform. The beta-testing campaign targeted business users and developers.
Among the results obtained, the team achieved a reduction of 40% of average time needed to evaluate existing open source components used in a Modelio project architecture. They've enjoyed also a 25% reduction of average time needed to choose open source components.

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The Reachout project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 825307.

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