ReachOut Lottery Prize


Date: Thursday, January 13, 2022
Time: 4:00AM-4:30PM
Place: online
Title: ReachOut Prize Draw 
Speaker: Alexandre Lefebvre (UShareSoft)

The ReachOut H2020 project supports H2020 research projects and European SMEs to develop connections with their markets and early end-users. ReachOut provides a platform and a methodology to help them create and implement beta-testing campaigns, collect user feedback and develop their ecosystem. The feedback collected were most of the time very useful and much appreciated by campaign managers. 

Participating beta testers in one or more ReachOut beta-testing campaigns were offered several recognition and monetary rewards. Two ReachOut test{fest} contests have been organized in 2021. 

Moreover, to express our appreciation for their efforts, this online session proposed an electronic draw  to select one of the 93 beta testers who agreed to provide their contact details, out of a total of the 379 participants. 

The open source Plouf-Plouf software was used during the realtime Lottery Prize Draw. The prize draw was recorded but, for GDPR compliancy since beta testers' names appear during the session, the video is not public. For this reason we've used a selection of screenshots below.