ReachOut is based on an implicit methodology combining a number of concepts, resources and roles. This page identifies them and how they relate to each other: all names in bold are defined on this page.

Back Office

The Back Office is the part of the ReachOut platform that is accessible to the Campaign Managers; it essentially includes the Dashboard and the Questionnaire.

Beta Documentation

The Beta Documentation is a subset of the general software documentation aimed at facilitating the participation of the Beta Testers. It includes a presentation of the software and a quick tutorial on what to do to test and report Feedback on. 

Beta Testers

Beta Testers are developers, IT professionals and End-users who voluntarily test the Beta Version and report Feedback. Beta Testers do not belong to the team who develops the software.

Beta Testing Campaign

A Beta Testing Campaign is an action aimed at having a Beta Version of a software tested by Beta Testers who will report Feedback that will help improve the software before the final or commercial version.

Beta Version

A Beta Version of a software is a version of a software designed to be handed over to Beta Testers who will report Feedback. The Beta Version is not the final, nor commercial version of a software.

Campaign Manager

The Campaign Manager is a person on the development side who is in charge of coordinating the different tasks required by a Beta Testing Campaign.

Campaign Page

The Campaign Page is a web page introducing the Beta Testing Campaign and enabling Beta Testers to register and participate in the campaign.

Communication Package

The Communication Package is a set of templates for communication resources such as mails, press releases, and flyers to help Campaign Managers implement best practices.


The Dashboard is the main interface for the Campaign Manager, it provides over twenty checkpoints to help monitor the progress of the campaign.

Documentation Package

The Documentation Package is a set of templates to help Campaign Managers implement best practices in producing the Beta Documentation.


Feedback is the main objective of a Beta Testing Campaign; developers need to hear from Beta Testers about their experience with the software and how it behaved in their hands.

Front Office

The Front Office is the part of the ReachOut platform through which Beta Testers interact with the Beta Testing Campaign; it essentially includes the Campaign Page, and access points to the Beta Version of the software, the Beta Documentation, the Questionnnaire, and the Support Contact.


Although it is expected that Beta Testers participate in a Beta Testing Campaign voluntarily, It is a good practice to offer them an Incentive, acknowledging their contribution.

Market Place

What we call the Market Place is the main entry point to the list of Beta Testing Campaigns supported by the ReachOut platform


The Project is typically a research project developing software. It is represented by its Campaign Manager.


The Questionnaire is the method by which Feedback from Beta Testers is collected on the ReachOut Platform. A Questionnaire template is provided to Campaign Managers who can then customise it to the specifics of their Beta Testing Campaigns.

ReachOut Administrator

A member of the ReachOut project team, the ReachOut Administrator is in charge of supporting Campaign Managers through out their Beta Testing Campaigns.


At the end of a Beta Testing Campaign, Campaign Manager is expected to prepare an internal report with Feedback for the Project team and an external report for third party stakeholders including Beta Testers. A reporting template is provided by the ReachOut platform.

Support Contact

Support Contact is an essential role in a Beta Testing Campaign, it provides answers to Beta Testers and help them complete the Beta Testing Plan. 

Testing Scenario

The Testing Scenario is defined by the Campaign Manager to focus the participation of Beta Testers on the software characteristics for which a Feedback is expected by the development team of the Beta Version.