Join the ReachOut Contest


This competition invites beta-testers to try innovative software.  

  1. ReachOut all-you-can-test event
  2. Help improve software quality
  3. Win prizes and recognition!

The current test{fest} competition, organized by OW2 and the ReachOut project, is open from 1 July to 31 October 2021.


Who can participate?

Business users, software testers and developers are welcome to participate, to evaluate as many projects as they like.

What do I stand to gain?

Discover leading edge technologies. Get recognition from the open source community.
Money prizes (30€, 60€ or 90€ per campaign) will be drawn from the complete answers. More details
Also, the best feedback authors will receive a Software Ranger certificate, a nomination (on their consent) to the ReachOut Hall of Fame and, for one of them a ReachOut Special Award presented at Open Source Experience Paris, 9-10 November 2021:

How much time should I spend on this?

Each campaign can require between 30 minutes and several hours.
You decide on the time and number of campaigns you would like to evaluate.
The more you test, the more you can win!

Where to start?

Follow us on ReachOut twitter: @H2020ReachOut
Check the open campaigns on ReachOut, make your choice, then follow the instructions and fill in the questionnaire.
Do not forget to provide your email address in the ReachOut questionnaire.
During the test{fest}, all participants who register as a beta-tester will enter the contest.
The ReachOut project team (reachout-support AT and project campaign managers are available to support you during your evaluations.

Who will receive the ReachOut Award?

The ReachOut Award will recognize a particularly diligent beta-tester with:

  • An active participation during the ReachOut test{fest}
  • Several beta-testing campaigns carried out
  • Highest number of complete feedbacks
  • Useful suggestions to designers

When will I know about the rewards?

The name of rewarded participants will be revealed, after jury deliberation, during Open Source Experience Paris, 9-10 November 2021. They will also appear in the ReachOut Hall of Fame following their explicit agreement. Money prizes will be distributed immediately after OSXP.

Don't be shy: try out more beta software and share your user experience with the designers.


The Reachout project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 825307.

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