Benefits for Beta Testers

Why become a beta tester?

Actually you do not “become” a beta tester, you just get to be entrusted with some very innovative software. Check out the testing scenarios and provide feedback to the developers. You create recognition and visibility within the ReachOut community to enhance your career. And you do that for as many projects as you like. Check out the ReachOut test{fest}.


Amazing projects by world-class developers 


Get paid for each beta testing campaign


Test projects on your own schedule

Discover what leading edge researchers and innovators in software engineering are working on and how they do it.


Receive actual monetary reward for each beta testing campaign and automatically participate in the ReachOut super prize.


No constraints, you do beta-testing on your own time; campaigns are packaged in a way to fit in any busy schedule.



Enhance your career opportunities


Win your electronic badge and certificate


Grow your personal network

You will appear as a contributor of the project for which you are providing your beta-testing feedback.


Win the Software Ranger electronic badge and certificate and make it to the ReachOut Hall of Fame. A nice addition to your profile or your resume!A unique opportunity to connect with renowned research institutions and skilled programmers and researchers.

Gifts and Prizes

We know your deep interest is in software engineering science, but gifts and prizes wouldn't do any harm would they? That's why, at ReachOut, we are continuously working with projects to offer an attractive incentive program. All you have to do to be included in the program, is to participate in a beta-testing campaign and return a fully completed questionnaire.

Campaign Rewards

Each campaign decides about its own rewards, being monetary or not, explained in the campaign description. If you have any question about rewards, do not hesitate to contact the campaign manager.

Objective criteria for the attribution of Monetary Rewards.
    • Monetary rewards will be granted to fully completed questionnaires. The ReachOut team along with the Campaign Manager will be judge. A fully completed questionnaire has all closed questions answered plus at least two open questions with meaningful answers.
    • There are three levels of monetary rewards - 30€, 60€ and 90€ - depending on the difficulty of the test and time required for completing it. Do not forget to provide your email adress at the end of the questionnaire.
    • Monetary rewards will be granted to the first 12 fully completed questionnaires for each campaign.
    • Monetary rewards will be offered for campaigns until December 31st, 2021.

ReachOut Super Lottery Prize

Additionnally to campaign rewards, the ReachOut project offers all beta testers the opportunity to enter a special Super Lottery Prize of 500€ at the end of the ReachOut project! The draft will take place by video-conference on Thursday 13 January 2022, 4pm CET.
To qualify you must have returned at least one fully completed questionnaire and entered your e-mail address; you will then automatically be entered for the draft. 

Fine Print

Please note: the condition to enter the incentive program is to complete the feedback questionnaire and provide a valid email address.
Please check the beta tester agreement page.

Attribution: icons by Gregor Cresnar