Cedric Thomas, OW2 CEO, interview

During EclipseCon Europe 2019, Cedric Thomas answered to questions asked by Marco Jahn, Research Projects Manager at Eclipse Foundation Europe, about beta-testing campaigns and the support provided by the ReachOut project.

The CEO of OW2  took this opportunity to explain why and how research projects managers and beta-testers can join the platform. The first group can manage their own campaign online using a customized dashboard, while testers can download and try innovative software properly packaged, then provide UX feedback through a dedicated questionnaire.

ReachOut Screencast

Follow this screencast by Alexandre Lefebvre (UShareSoft) and you will be learn how to register your project, publish your campaign page and customize your questionnaire in order to start and manage your beta-testing campaign. 

For more, please attend the next ReachOut webinar and ask your questions to the project team. Please check out the ReachOut events.


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