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What's in the ReachOut Toolkit?


ReachOut provides tools for a quick implementation of a successful beta testing campaign.
To know more about the main ReachOut tools and services, campaign managers can read this document.

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ReachOut Templates

Beta-testing campaign managers who register their projects with ReachOut have access to useful templates. They include:

Monitoring dashboard

The monitoring dashboard is automatically created when registering a new beta-testing campaign. The campaign web page contains a button for the campaign manager to access the monitoring dashboard.

Software packaging

Since beta-testing campaigns are about testing a software beta version, software packaging is key.

Beta documentation checklist

The beta documentation checklist describes what the documentation provided to beta testers for the campaign should contain.

Beta tester incentives

When you ask IT professionals to direct some of their expertise, time and energy to evaluate your software, it is good policy to offer something in exchange. Incentives are a great way to show your appreciation but must be earned. The beta tester incentives page gives you guidelines for incentives.

Necessary fine print

The ReachOut project team has put together a beta-testing agreement. It is recommended that a link to this agreement be integrated in each campaign.

Campaign web page

The campaign web page is created using an on-line form, containing tooltips to help campaign managers fill in each item. The communication package also contains guidelines for wording. For beta testers, the campaign web page contains all information provided by the campaign manager. For campaign managers, additional functions are available, for managing the questionnaire and accessing the campaign dashboard.

Customizable questionnaire

The questionnaire is automatically generated when registering a new beta-testing campaign. The structure of the questionnaire contains 34 questions organised around 6 sections. Whereas the generated questionnaire is meant to be generic, it should be customized: questions can be added, modified, deleted, depending on the expected feedback from beta testers.
Campaign managers can access the questionnaire and customize it by clicking on the button present for the campaign manager in the campaign web page. 

Communication package

The communication package provides communication material to optimize the communication with beta testers.

Beta-testing reporting package

At the end of a beta-testing campaign, the ReachOut team will prepare a beta-testing report. This report will be sent to  the campaign manager. A webinar can be organized on demand in order to analyze this report with the ReachOut project team.

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