Hall of Fame

You too can enter the ReachOut Hall of Fame and become a ReachOut Software Ranger! Just select a beta-testing campaign with a software you'd like to test in your environment. Check the user experience and how it could improve your information system. Then fill in the questionnaire honestly. Your completed feedback will help to improve research and innovation projects. It might also be rewarded by a special prize. Stay tuned!

Parsec - Parsec PC

Andres Vazquez Rodriguez

Carsharing_Use_Case - Beta-tester Passengers

Alex Peredo

Ecommerce Girona, Spain

Alex Peredo

Ecommerce Girona, Spain

Arnold Beckmann

Swansea University, Department of Computer Science and Swansea Blockchain Lab


Aleksandar Karadimche

University of Information Science and Technology "St. Paul The Apostle"

Benjamin Adjiovski

University of Information Science and Technology "St. Paul The Apostle"

Jovan Ilovski

University of Information Science and Technology "St. Paul The Apostle"

Bruno Schroth


Ferenc Horváth

University of Szeged, Software Engineering Department

Alessandra Bagnato


Philippe Krief

The Eclipse Foundation

Juri Di Rocco

University of L’Aquila

Andre Freyssinet

ScalAgent Distributed Technologies

Mehrdad Abdi

University of Antwerp

René van Veldhuijzen

Squerist Testen

Florian Pradines

Arcan Security

François Déchelle


Peter Lamby

Solutions Direkt AG

Alessandra Bagnato

Softeam R&D

Thomas Canava


The Reachout project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 825307.

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