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Jan 18 2022

IOF Beverage Integrity Tracking

Discover how the IOF project used ReachOut to validate IoT business use cases.


Two beta-testing campaigns were conducted using ReachOut in the BIT (Beverage integrity tracking use case) of IOF2020 (Internet of food and farm) project. The business user acceptance testing checked IoT applications market acceptance while defining business models. An example of use case focused on the wine quality, tracking temperature and shock during its transportation.

Read the IOF BIT success story


TRIPLE multicultural discovery platform

The project team gained improvements for its social sciences platform.


Thanks to ReachOut, the TRIPLE project consortium was able to evaluate its GoTriple platform, an innovative and multicultural discovery solution for the social sciences and humanities. The current functionalities were tested and evaluated, and proposals of improvements have been collected. 

Read the TRIPLE success story

Nov 09 2021

OSXP 2021, Paris

ReachOut platform will be showcased during the main open source event in Paris, next November.

Open Source Experience Paris
Date: 9-10 Nov. 2021
Place: Palais des congrès, Paris
Event website:

Open Source Experience is the new key European event (replacing Paris Open Source Summit), with the goal to bring together the entire open source expert community for two days for a new dynamic in a sector that is constantly innovating. Open Source Experience offers:
- A hybrid physical-and-digital event format
- A unique and relevant program.
- A showroom with over 70 exhibitors, over 150 conferences
- A digital platform for greater visibility, lead detection and content sharing

OW2 is participating in Open Source Experience both in the conferences and in the exhibition.
A community booth is shared by OW2 with three collaborative projects were OW2 is involved as dissemination partner: ReachOut, DECODER and FASTEN and with corporate members Xwiki and FusionDirectory.

Oct 28 2021

Triple Campaign is Active

Through three tests, evaluate the GoTriple discovery platform.

Triple will be one of the dedicated services of OPERAS, the research infrastructure supporting open scholarly communication in the social sciences and humanities in the European Research Area. The aim of this campaign is to test the beta platform, pick up any usability issues and improve the platform so that when we release the final version, it will meet the needs of the end-users.
For more instructions, please read the full beta-testing campaign

Aug 04 2021

OLYMPUS Campaign is Active

Try the distributed identity management demonstrator in your browser, then on an Android based smartphone.

Testers and Developers, please follow the Step-by-Step guide before providing your feedback.

For more instructions, please read the full beta-testing campaign

Jun 24 2021

OW2con'21 ReachOut Presentation

Date: 24/6/2021 at 9:30
Speaker: Alexandre Lefebvre (USS)
Title: Beta-testing opportunities with the ReachOut test{fest} contest

ReachOut is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) helping H2020 projects, European SME and Open Source projects to implement beta-testing campaigns. The ReachOut platform provides a comprehensive set of tools for preparing, implementing and following your beta-testing campaign. Beta testers can be rewarded with the ReachOut Hall of Fame, money prizes as well as dedicated project incentives. The ReachOut project team is here to help campaign managers throughout the whole process. And it’s all brought to you for free! After a rapid presentation of the stages of the test{fest}, a ReachOut initiative to promote beta-testing campaigns and encourage beta testers to participate, the first spring 2021 edition results were revealed.


Jun 17 2021

June 2021 ReachOut Newsletter

We are pleased to share with you this quick ReachOut Alert about our recent activities and next interaction opportunities.

Beta-Testing Campaigns

Here are three new open source beta-testing campaigns for your experimentations:

  1. Try DECODER Doc2Json Translation Tool
    Beta testers will be able to extract text/data from word/openoffice/excel documents to JSON format.
    Try the current functions offered and test them on your own documents.
    Free trial:


May 12 2021

Examode - ReachOut Workshop

Examode project partners to attend the 12 May ReachOut Workshop 


The Examode project pursues three objectives :

  1. Weakly-supervised knowledge discovery for exascale medical data
  2. Develop extreme scale analytic tools for heterogeneous exascale multimodal & multimedia data.
  3. Healthcare & industry decision-making adoption of extreme-scale analysis & prediction tools

A part of the consortium team from MicroscopeIT and Tooploox in Poland participated in a dedicated ReachOut workshop.
The ReachOut platform was presented while the Examode team provided details about their use cases, campaign requirements and targeted histopathologists beta-testers.

Apr 21 2021

ReachOut Webinar 21 April 2021

This free Webinar at 4PM will help you recruit more beta testers.


Date: 21/04/2021 16:00 CEST
Topic:  Leverage your project consortium and ecosystem of partners to recruit beta testers
Duration: 1 hour 

This webinar presents the basics to start using the ReachOut platform and create your own Beta-testing campaign (create your account, create your campaign, tune the feedback questionnaire, use the campaign monitoring and reporting dashboard). it provides a special focus and some tips on how to leverage your project consortium and ecosystem of partners to find beta-testers.

Apr 09 2021

JmlGen Campaign is Open

Try this DECODER tool on your Java Project.

JmlGen generates JML annotations from what can be guessed out of a java project: the result, a JML-annotated project, can then be processed by JML tools, like the OpenJml program verification tool. Check the current functions offered and try them on your own java software.

For more instructions, please read the full beta-testing campaign