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ReachOut TestFest is mentionned in the main german online news publication for developers.
Berlin, Oct. 8, 2021
Publication: Heise Online Developer Snapshots
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Fraunhofer Fokus's ReachOut project, funded by the EU as part of the Horizon 2020 programme, is looking for beta testers for test{fest} campaigns on software technology. Those who participate can look forward to remuneration.

This article provides a link to ReachOut active campaigns.

TestFest Press Release

ReachOut test{fest} Contest: two Months to try Europe's Leading Edge Software Beta Releases and to win Honours and Monetary Prizes
OW2 and the European project ReachOut invite developers to evaluate as many innovative software as they wish
and share their impressions, with more incentives until June 13, 2021.

Paris, April 12th, 2021 – OW2, the international community dedicated to developing and promoting a code base of open source software for corporate information systems, invites beta testers to explore new and innovative software in the  ReachOut test{fest} .

In return for their efforts, they will be able to interact with designers and receive monetary rewards of up to  €30, €60 or €90  per evaluation, a Software Ranger certificate, a nomination to the ReachOut Hall of Fame  and, for one of them, a ReachOut Special Award presented at OW2con'21, the next annual OW2 conference to be held, online, on 23 and 24 June 2021.

To participate remotely in the ReachOut test{fest} , which runs from 13 April to 13 June 2021, testers must follow the instructions provided on the contest webpage:  

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FOSDEM 2021: rewards and recognition for attendees who beta-test breakthrough software and provide feedback

Showcased on the OW2 virtual booth at FOSDEM 2021, February 6-7, 2021, the ReachOut platform presents beta-testing campaigns of innovative software and rewards participating beta testers.

Brussels, February 6,  2021 – OW2, the international community dedicated to developing and promoting a code base of open source software for corporate information systems, is inviting FOSDEM attendees to become ReachOut beta testers, try leading edge software from European research projects and SMEs, against monetary rewards, and a Software Ranger certificate to enhance their professional profile.

FOSDEM attendees are well known for their keen interest in software engineering. All they have to do to be included in the beta tester incentive program is to participate in a ReachOut registered beta-testing campaign and return a fully completed questionnaire.

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Press Review 

And multiple open source software aggregators including,,,,,,,

ReachOut: A platform for the organization of beta test campaigns

Berlin, June 22, 2020
Publication: Fraunhofer Fokus News
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(C) Fabio Bracht by Unsplash
As part of the European research project ReachOut, a platform for the organization of beta test campaigns for European IT research projects has been created under the project management of Fraunhofer FOKUS. The aim is to ensure the quality and market readiness of new software solutions.


The ReachOut H2020 Project will be showcased at OW2online’20, June 17

Several hundreds of OW2 members and partners will learn more about the ReachOut Beta Center
to set up and run successful beta-testing campaigns, during the OW2 annual conference. 

Paris, June 2, 2020 - The ReachOut Project team is glad to present a free operational web platform to run successful beta-testing campaigns at OW2online’20. The ReachOut project, coordinated by Fraunhofer Fokus,  involves the OW2 open source community and UShareSoft as independent software vendor. Alexandre Lefebvre, UShareSoft project manager will drive several hundreds of participants along a guided tour of the ReachOut Beta Center, next June 17 at 4:30PM.

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OW2 announces the availability of the ReachOut platform designed for open source research projects to manage successful beta-testing campaigns

OW2 announces the availability of the ReachOut platform designed for open source research projects to manage successful beta-testing campaigns

EU-funded research projects can start registering their open sourcesoftware on the ReachOut platform to engage with early users and to find contributors on their markets. 

Paris, December 10,  2019 – OW2, the global community for open source infrastructure software announces the availability of the ReachOut beta-testing platform for research projects to run a successful beta-testing campaign using a proven method, a dedicated dashboard and best practices.

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OW2con'19 Press Review

Solutions Numeriques June 2019

Title: OW2con'19 confirms the industrial maturity of open source

Abstract: The OW2 open source community supports multiple innovative European projects. It signals cooperation around open codes as a key for IT industry services.

On June 12th and 13th, at Orange's innovation center in Paris Châtillon, the OW2 open source community brought together more than 300 decision-makers and developers from 13 different nationalities. The opportunity to confirm the concrete progress of the members and projects of the association, and its growing role in European research, through Horizon 2020 projects in particular. OW2's annual conference provides an overview of European open source research with Aegis, Crossminer, Decoder, Fasten, Melodic, ReachOut, and Stamp projects, with research projects often delivering open and actionable tools by corporate IT departments.

OW2 Introduces the ReachOut Project at OW2con’19

OW2 Introduces the ReachOut Project at OW2con’19

ReachOut main objective is to provide EU-funded projects software builders with end-to-end support
to launch beta testing campaigns and develop their ecosystems.

Paris, June 12, 2019 - OW2, the international community dedicated to help develop and promote a code base  of open source software for information systems introduces today at OW2con’19 the new ReachOut Project.

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The Reachout project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 825307.

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