Project Collateral

OSXP 2021 SlideDeck


Example of Slidedeck used at OSXP 2021 in Paris, 5-6 November 2021, to present DECODER and the ReachOut platform used for beta-testing campaigns.
A dedicated ReachOut Pod on the OW2 booth also provided demos and up-to-date Press Releases available in English and French using QR code to avoid multiple printed documents. More photos of the OW2 booth at OSXP'21 in the event section.

ReachOut Social Alert

Check this example of ReachOut localized social media alert.

The image on the right is an illustration of event alerts used for ReachOut at Open Source eXperience Paris on social media.

ReachOut test{fest}


ReachOut Signage


ReachOut Slidedeck


ReachOut Roll-up Totem

The ReachOut Roll-up Totem can be dowloaded here (printable format PDF).  


ReachOut Flyer

The Reachout A5 flyer can be downloaded here (printable version PDF).

Developer flyer: "Calling for Beta Testers" PDF

ReachOut QR Codes


Reachout Logo

REACHOUT_Logo.svgCheck out this page for the Reachout logos in various formats. Do feel free to it in your presentations and other communication activities.

Reachout RGB Colors



The Reachout project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 825307.

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