ReachOut FAQ

Below, you will find a set of questions and answers about ReachOut. If you have a question and don't find it here, please suggest a question or help refine the answers by contacting us.

Project Campaign Manager FAQ

What is my role as a Campaign Manager?

As the person in charge of exploitation and/or dissemination activities within a EU-funded Research project or as a new software designer within an European SME, you can organise and promote your beta-testing campaign using the ReachOut platform. We are supporting you while preparing the beta version of your software, guides, workshops and more. Industry end-users and beta testers will be able to download your software from the ReachOut platform. Then, they will provide you precious user experience feedbacks.

How do I register?

In order to be able to add your project and beta-testing campaigns to ReachOut, you need to register. The registration is a self-service process, and you will get a confirmation message to the e-mail address provided during the registration. Simply go to the BetaCenter home page, click on the orange "Project Leader" button, then on the "Register as Campaign Manager" button, and follow the instructions.

How do I share a ReachOut account with my colleagues?

Once a project and its beta-testing campaigns have been created by a given ReachOut user account, only that account is able to perform modifications. In other words, there is currently no notion of "user group" in ReachOut.
As a consequence, if you are planning to have several people share the role of Campaign Manager for a given Project, we advise you to create a user account for the project with an e-mail address corresponding to the group of people in charge (an e-mail alias). The credentials will then be shared among this group.
If this is not possible, you will have to share your ReachOut credentials with your colleagues.

What e-mail messages does ReachOut send to the Campaign Manager?

The e-mail address you provide during the registration as a Campaign Manager will be used to send e-mails:

  • when a new campaign has been created. It contains the link to the dedicated mailing list which is created together with this campaign, and to which you are automatically subscribed. This list can be used as a forum to interact with the beta testers who have provided their e-mail address.
  • when a new questionnaire has been submitted. You will receive the details of the submission by e-mail.

Where is my dashboard?

Once registered to the ReachOut platform as a Campaign Manager, you can access to your own campaign dashboard from your homepage. This dashboard is your campaign management graphic interface; it provides you with 24 checkpoints to monitor the progress of your beta-testing campaign.

What formatting options are available in the Campaign form?

The ReachOut BetaCenter uses XWiki.
When you are filling in the Campaign form and want to insert a URL, lists, format the text, you can use the XWiki syntax.

Where do I put the testing scenario?

As a Campaign Manager, you may wonder whether the beta-testing scenario should be detailed inside the campaign page itself, or as an attached document.
If the scenario can fit within the campaign form, do not hesitate to put it there. You can use the XWiki syntax to format the scenario instructions.
Note that ReachOut does not provide the possibility to attach documents to Campaigns.
If the scenario is too long to be detailed inside the campaign page itself, it should be hosted on your Project website, and the campaign page can put a link to the scenario page on the Project website.

What's in a questionnaire?

The questionnaire is the method by which feedback from beta testers is collected on the ReachOut Platform. A pre-registered template is provided that you can customise to mirror the specifics of your beta-testing campaign.
You can check out the list of pre-generated questions.

Can I use a local language for beta-users who do not speak English?

Yes, you can write your project description and survey questions in any language. However, the ReachOut website will stay in English. We’d recommend providing both languages in your project description, survey questions and answers. Please also note that, as a campaign manager, starting from the login page, you can select your own default language for the LimeSuvey user interface.

Are questionnaires multilingual?

Yes, you can provide your questionnaire in multiple languages. The survey software used by ReachOut, LimeSurvey, contains a built-in facility that enables quick and easy translation of surveys. This facility is designed to make it easy for a human translator to translate a survey from the base language into any specified target language.
Beta testers will then have the choice of language for answering the questionnaire.
You can check the LimeSurvey documentation on multi-language support for detailed instructions on how to use this facility.

How can I customize the questionnaire?

When updating  your questionnaire, keep in mind this balanced ratio: offer two third generic questions, and one third specific ones. Your new questions might focus on software deployment, user experience, tutorial, documentation, integration or exploitation opportunities.

You can customize entirely the survey questions and answers. All text fields can be edited. An external image can also be added to any question.
Do not hesitate to watch these slides for more customization.

When should I activate the questionnaire?

Your beta-testing campaign will only be made public and usable by beta testers when you activate the questionnaire.
Also, note that beta testers will not be able to provide feedback before the campaign start date, nor after the campaign end date.
However, if your campaign has been activated, and even though the current date is outside the campaign time bracket, the campaign will be visible on the ReachOut BetaCenter.

Activating the questionnaire should be done when:

  • you are satisfied with the layout of the campaign form
  • you have customised the questionnaire according to your project
  • you feel that the campaign is ready to be advertised

Will I get detailed feedbacks or just a summary?

You will get raw data in a text mail each time a beta-tester will complete a questionnaire.
Moreover, if you follow the link to "Customize and activate the associated questionnaire", you can also view the answers, export csv or xml files with all the answers received in a campaign, or view statistics anout the answers.

Can I update my Campaign Page?

The campaign page is the web page introducing your beta-testing campaign.
Initial information on the campaign page results from the input fields provided during the campaign registration step.
Updating this page allows you to offer incentives, interactive webinars, hands-on workshops and other recognition signs. You can show your appreciation to the beta testers as they can identify business needs, provide a valuable viewpoint and grow your ecosystem community.
In order to update the campaign page, log into ReachOut, then go to BetaCenter > My Home Page to find your projects and beta-testing campaigns.

How do I package by Beta Version and make it available to Beta Testers?

You may already have the Beta Version of your software packaged by your own means. 

If you haven't packaged your Beta Version yet, you may optionally use the ReachOut Factory in order to do so. Using the ReachOut Factory, you will create an Appliance Template for the Beta Version using the Factory, and then:

  • either export the Appliance Template
  • or generate a machine image and download it
    and then store it inside your own project infrastructure.

In all cases, you should provide a download link to the Beta Version files together with the installation instructions in the Campaign Page.

Where is my Communication Package?

The Communication Package is a set of templates for communication resources such as mails, press releases, and flyers to help you implement best practices.

I need more coaching. Who can I contact now?

You may need more face-to-face contact to start your campaign or interpret ReachOut reports. Contact the ReachOut team now and check with us if we could participate in your next project plenary meeting or attend your next public workshop where we could help you implement best practices for your beta-testing campaign.

Beta Tester FAQ

What is my role as a Beta Tester?

To become an eligible beta testers, you should not belong to the project team developing the software. However you can contribute to improve the software as a software engineer, a developer or a business user who has downloaded and tried the Beta then provided your own view, appreciation or suggestions.

What kind of software ReachOut is promoting?

Software provided on the ReachOut website are direct outcomes of European research projects, partially funded by the European Commission. The projets can offer one or several beta software including documentation and "hello world" examples. From the ReachOut website, you can register as a beta tester, download and test these software, then report your feedback to help improve the software before the final or commercial version.

Why should I spend my time experimenting a beta version of software?

As a developer or as a power user, you will find new opportunities by evaluating the software provided on the ReachOut platform in your environment. Moreover, the feedback you provide may highlight relevant features or business models the team could add in a next release. You learn about cutting-edge software, improve your vision and your skills. Beta-testing advanced software enhances your professional profile. And beta-testing campaigns offer rewards to beta testers. As minor as your contribution may seems, its a potential creative step toward a new emerging ecosystem.

Why using ReachOut rather than GitHub or any other software repository?

Your time is limited to explore new software features that might be relevant in your business environment. ReachOut aggregates stable software packaged with proper documentation and beta-testing scenarios, along with a GDPR notice, support contacts, mailing list and more.

Where should I start?

Browse the ReachOut website home page and check out the beta software proposed for evaluation.

Do I need to register as a Beta Tester?

You do not have to register to become a beta tester. You may also remain completely anonymous if you like.
However, if you wish to register for a given beta-testing campaign, you can provide ReachOut with your e-mail address which will be added to the campaign mailing list.
Also, providing your contact details will allow us to send you rewards provided by the beta-testing campaign if any, and to promote your feedback in the BetaCenter Hall of Fame.
Note that your personal data will remain safe with our GDPR Data Protection policy.