The Reachout Concept

ReachOut is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) helping H2020 projects in the area of software technologies to implement beta-testing campaigns. ReachOut act as an operational intermediary between research projects and the open market. ReachOut helps research projects implement beta testing best practices and recruit beta-testers by running promotion initiatives. ReachOut helps develop connections between research projects and potential users and beta-testers. 

If a research project is able to launch a beta-testing campaign of its results, it has what it takes to bring value to the market, engage with other research projects, users, partners and contributors and develop its own ecosystem. 


European research projects are expected to deliver results for reuse by other research projects and integration by business users. In both cases, to increase the chance of a tangible impact, research projects must deliver results that are well packaged, easy to understand and easy to use.
ReachOut addresses this need with a two-prong solution. First, by educating research projects on the methodology and benefits of beta testing and, second, by providing a platform with tools and functional resources to launch beta testing campaigns, recruit beta testers and collect feedback.

ReachOut leverages the experience gained by its partners in helping projects such as CHOReVOLUTION and STAMP implement their beta testing campaigns. From this experience ReachOut derived a methodology for the benefit of EU-funded projects. 

Market-Oriented Support for Beta Testing Campaigns

ReachOut's overall objective is to provide EU-funded projects in the area of software technologies with end-to-end support to develop and launch beta testing campaigns so as to enable them to concretely engage with their potential users and markets and develop their ecosystems. ReachOut is a market-oriented Coordination and Support Action (CSA), it will help projects implement tangible market engagement strategies to build their ecosystems. ReachOut aims at building a bridge between projects and their markets. ReachOut will act as an operational intermediary between research projects and the open market. ReachOut will not only concentrate on improving projects best practices with beta testing methodologies, coaching and blueprints, but it will actually run promotion initiatives to develop connections between projects and market and industry stakeholders.

The ReachOut Methodology to run successful Beta Testing campaigns

ReachOut provides a body of tools, methods, process and best practices that can be employed to develop and run a successful beta testing campaign. To read the methodology, click on the image below. 


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