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The Beta-Testing Campaign Platform for Research Projects.

What is ReachOut main objective? ReachOut helps H2020 projects in the area of software technologies to develop beta-testing campaigns for their software. ReachOut helps build bridges between projects and their markets. ReachOut provides projects with end-to-end support to develop and launch beta-testing campaigns so as to enable them to concretely engage with their potential users and develop their ecosystems. 


What is Beta-Testing?

Beta testing is intended to collect feedback from customers on a pre-release product to improve its quality. This is the last stage before shipping a product. Not only it helps finalize a product, it is also a marketing tactic that helps develop a base of early adopters. 


News and Events


POSS 2019, December 10-11, Paris


EclipseCon Europe 2019, Luwigsburg, Germany


OW2con'19, June 12-13, Paris



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The ReachOut platform relies on an open community of European-funded research projects, R&D engineers, early users and open source contributors. You are welcome to join the ReachOut community, share best practices for successful beta-testing campaigns and contribute to the platform's improvement. 

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