18 January
IOF Beverage Integrity Tracking
Discover how the IOF project used ReachOut to validate IoT business use cases.
13 January
ReachOut Lottery Prize
Draw of the special prize offered by ReachOut in recognition of beta tester...
06 January
TRIPLE multicultural discovery platform
The project team gained improvements for its social sciences platform.
03 December
European Big Data Value Forum 2021
The ReachOut BetaCenter platform will be showcased at the European Big Data...
01 December
HELIOS BYOSMA campaign is open
Developers are invited to try the Helios Bring Your Own Social Media App


What is ReachOut?

ReachOut helps research projects and innovative SMEs in the area of software technologies to develop beta-testing campaigns for their software.



What Is a Beta-Testing Campaign?

The last stage before shipping a product, beta-testing is intended to collect feedback on a pre-release product from a limited audience external to the programming team to improve its quality.

How Does it Work?

We have streamlined the process so you do not have to become an expert to set up your own beta-testing campaigns. Our detailed methodology will take you step by step.



You Are a Project Leader?

Discover our conditions, register your project, book a training session and set-up a beta-testing campaign for your project! You will improve your software and align it with market expectations.

You Are a Beta Tester?

Discover new software and try them in your environment. Look inside state-of-the-art software and enhance your professional network! Participate in research project beta-testing campaigns and pick up your reward.



Make it to the Hall of Fame

You too can enter the ReachOut Hall of Fame and become a ReachOut Software Ranger! Just select a beta-testing campaign with a software you'd like to test in your environment.

Partner Projects

Beneficiaries of H2020 cascade funding projects are welcome to join ReachOut. More.

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