Software Packaging

The first technology-related activity is to produce the software package to be tested by beta testers during the campaign.

Whatever the maturity of the project a proper package must be offered to beta testers, not just the code on the repository.

Software to be beta tested should be easy to access and to deploy. The software must be easily consumable by third-party IT professionals. The beta version must be properly packaged.

While deployability might be right in the scope of beta-testing, complex build processes are a huge deterrent and must be avoided at all cost. Depending on the scope a SaaS instance of the software will facilitate beta testers participation, otherwise Docker images are also a good practice.

And of course, if the software has to be deployed a download link must be easily accessible and operational.

And if it is a service, proper user management must be in place.

The beta version must be validated by internal beta testers and the support contacts appointed among project participants.