Documentation Checklist

Beta-testing campaigns are addressed to third-party users that are not familiar with the software. The role of the beta documentation is to make things easy for them. Beta documentation should be a subset of the whole software documentation which can be too complex and not adapted to the needs of simple beta testers. The extent and formality of the Beta Documentation Set will depend on the organization and scope of the beta-testing campaign. It should be short and to the point, a quick easy read for beta testers. The checklist below describes what a beta documentation should ideally contain. In this checklist the most important point is probably the sted-by-step tutorial.

  • Introduction
  • Beta test goals and timeline
  • Assumptions and requirements
  • Software overview
  • Beta version limitations
  • Beta-testing scenarios
  • Step-by-step tutorial
  • Links to software documentation
  • Support contact details
  • Mailing list details
  • Feedback collection process
  • Incentive
  • Link to the GDPR Notice

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