ReachOut September Newsletter 2020

ReachOut Newsletter - September 2020

Run a Beta-Testing Campaign!
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  • Join our ReachOut webinar on Sept. 23 at 4:00PM CEST

    Discover ReachOut Webinar program and learn how to create and monitor your own Beta-testing campaign.

  • CROSSMINER obtains significant time reductions

    Using ReachOut, Softeam tested in an efficient manner the deployment and usage of the CROSSMINER platform.

  • CROSS-CPP launched its first beta-testing campaign

    The Agora data marketplace frontend is ready for User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) evaluations.

Join tomorrow's webinar!

Next Events

  • 8 OCT. ReachOut will be presented by Cedric Thomas, OW2 CEO, at NGI Pointer online kick-off.
  • 21 OCT. Join our October webinar to make the best of ReachOut communication package.
  • 3 NOV. Discover the ReachOut Platform at the OW2 Community Day in Grenoble.
  • 13-14 NOV. Attend SFSCon in Bolzano (Italy) in order to register your software in ReachOut.

Follow the tutorials to prepare your beta-testing campaign

Our short video will guide you to register your project and create your first beta-testing campaign. View the ReachOut tutorials you will learn to develop a testing scenario, customize the feedback questionnaire and use the campaign monitoring dashboard.

Thank you to our best contributors

They disserve to join the ReachOut Hall of Fame. After a careful selection, they've tried a new software in their environment and filled in the questionnaire honestly. You too could be part of the ReachOut Software Rangers. Win more recognition and possibly a special prize: check out the ReachOut campaigns now!