ReachOut December Newsletter 2020

ReachOut Newsletter - December 2020


  • Check your GDPR compliance in about 30 minutes

    Analyse the GDPR level of compliance of your SME and enjoy a free report in return.

  • Try to enable safe data sharing

    Unleash the power of sensitive data. Try now to make your dataset synthetic.

  • Benchmark your AI and Big Data architecture now

    Try the Databench toolbox and map your architecture to the generic blueprints.

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Follow the tutorials to prepare your beta-testing campaign

Several video will guide you to register your project and create your first beta-testing campaign. Displaying the ReachOut tutorials, you will learn how to create your testing scenario, customize the feedback questionnaire and use the campaign monitoring dashboard.

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Read Project Success Stories

Using the ReachOut platform for free, Horizon 2020 research projects like STAMP and CROSSMINER obtained significant benefits. They were able to engage external developers to evaluate and to optimize their innovative software. Follow their example.


Thank you to our best contributors

They disserve to join the ReachOut Hall of Fame. After a careful selection, they've tried a new software in their environment and filled in the questionnaire honestly. You too could be part of the ReachOut Software Rangers. Win more recognition and possibly a special prize: check out the ReachOut campaigns now!


The Reachout project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 825307.

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