NGI Impact Week


Date: June 24, Next Generation Internet Ledger Impact Week
Networking session: Collaboration and Investment Discussion

On Wednesday 24 June, Cedric Thomas, OW2 CEO, joined a networking session organized by NGI Ledger and BluMorpho with speakers from FundingBox, Blockwall Capital Fund, and the B-Hub supporting Blockchain companies. He had the opportunity to present the ReachOut platform to 16 SME decision makers.

Several of the following participants might join the ReachOut BetaCenter to register their next beta-testing campaigns: Consento, Electraseed Found, iGive2, Iuvia, Merits, Synergy, Usoy, Project Aiur, Cobox, Co/Up, Decentralized Science, Energy Commons Protocol, Eurob, Mesensei, Tracelabs,

The Impact Week is a digital week where participants create their own programme to connect, exchange and build through positive impact. They can join digitally and get to know impact leaders, investors and makers that have been working on new and sustainable solutions to address challenges of today and tomorrow.

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