Ledger Webinar : OSS licensing and business models

ReachOut is presented during this webinar organized by Ledger project

Date: December 9 at 3:00PM.
Place: Online


1) Marco Ciurcina lawyer and POLITO (Polytechnic University of Turin) professor

 - Short intro to open source, and open source licenses
 - Key concepts: copyright, copyleft, permissive and less permissive, license compatibility and re-licensing
 - Main open source licenses: GPL, Apache2, BSD, AGPL3 and MIT

2) Cedric Thomas, OW2 CEO
 - Open Source Business models and OW2/ ReachOut introduction

3) Andrea D'intino, Tech mentor and PM Dyne.org

 - Business cases of licenses, when to use what, Freemium vs shareware
 - Success stories with different licensing: Bitcoin, Docker, Redis, MongoDB

Ledger Webinar Screenshots


Ledger Webinar Video

Replay the full webinar with a ReachOut presentation by Cedric Thomas, OW2 CEO, starting at 23:00