June 2021 ReachOut Newsletter

We are pleased to share with you this quick ReachOut Alert about our recent activities and next interaction opportunities.

Beta-Testing Campaigns

Here are three new open source beta-testing campaigns for your experimentations:

  1. Try DECODER Doc2Json Translation Tool
    Beta testers will be able to extract text/data from word/openoffice/excel documents to JSON format.
    Try the current functions offered and test them on your own documents.
    Free trial: https://www.reachout-project.eu/view/Main/#16B91OEgMPgF

  2. Experiment a new Maritime Situational Awareness User Interface
    Try this MSA application for monitoring and forecasting maritime events, illegal activities and possible threats.
    Get an overview of the current maritime situation by investigating all the current vessels location and occurred events. Track any vessels that are about to be engaged into illegal activities such as illegal Fishing.
    Free trial: https://www.reachout-project.eu/#sCU6o92Fe80o

  3. Try this new CEP/F engine written in Scala with a dataset of 100 events
    Developers are invited to test Wayeb building, recognition and forecast processes, with a simple intergrated dataset, consisting of 100 events. Try it now.
    Free trial: https://www.reachout-project.eu/view/Main/#XmBjcwDE4QVJ

Events and Webinars

On this month agenda:

• June 24 at 09:30 during OW2con'21, Alexandre Lefebvre (UShareSoft) will detail beta-testing opportunities with the ReachOut test{fest} contest. 

• June 24 at 09:45 during OW2con'21, Virgile Prevosto (CEA LIST) will present the DECODER Platform for Big Software Discovery and Analysis. 

• June 24 at 10:00 during OW2con'21, Antoine Mottier (OW2) will showcase how the FASTEN project enhances software dependency management. 

• Discover the full OW2con'21 programme, June 23-24, and register for free: https://www.ow2con.org 

Beta Testers Alert

•  The test{fest} is a ReachOut initiative to encourage beta testers to participate, and reward them with the ReachOut Hall of Fame and money prizes. The results of the first spring edition will be presented at OW2con’21 and the next edition will take place between 1 July and 1 Nov. and the results will be presented during Open Source Experience Paris, 9-10 Nov. 2021.

• Check out our beta testers benefits, they are more significant than ever:  https://www.reachout-project.eu/view/Main/IncentiveProgram 

• Join the ReachOut Hall of Fame by trying out one of the beta software and filling in the questionnaire honestly: https://www.reachout-project.eu/view/HallOfFame/ 

Campaign success stories

Read the ReachOut success stories: https://www.reachout-project.eu/view/Blog/Success_Stories

We would very much appreciate this newsletter circulating thanks to you. This will help research projects reach out to their users.
We are looking forward to interacting with you and to support your next campaigns.