IoF 2020 Webinar


Date: June 22, at 2:00PM, IoT/ReachOut Webinar
Title: Best practices and tools for user acceptance testing of digital solutions in the agrifood and IoT context

Get insights on best practices and tools for user acceptance testing of digital solutions by the EU projects IoF2020 & ReachOut. 

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User Acceptance Testing (UAT), also known as End-User Testing or Beta testing, is crucial to receive early feedback on usability and relevance of features from your future end-users and to discover, record and correct any defects at an early stage. Basically, it’s the closest thing to a real-world test.

IoF2020 is a €35m EU large-scale pilot project that validates IoT solutions in 33 use-cases on over 140 test sites all over Europe and across all agricultural sectors. In course of the project, we supported over 60 IoT solutions that enable smarter food production with continuous user acceptance testing through several MVP cycles of their product development.

ReachOut is a free full Beta testing tool that can help testing a solution on its way to a quality marketable product. It has been developed in an EU project with the aim to support projects like IoF2020 with UAT services. The tool allows a project manager to reach out to potential users, set up a test campaign using a checklist and gather user feedback (standard or customized questions).

WHO? This webinar is especially dedicated to the Digital Innovation Hubs in Agrifood supported by the SmartAgriHubs project, but also open to all interested stakeholders active in the development of digital solutions for smarter agrifood sector and a more sustainable food production through technology.

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The joint IoF 2020 and ReachOut webinar discussed about tools for user acceptance evaluation in the AgriFood and IoT context.