Dashboards customization

In this short tutorial, we show how to create a new panel in CROSSMINER.



Our objective is to show how many users have contributed at least once (ie they have made at least one commit in a repository)  in the projects analyzed by CROSSMINER.

For this we are going to create a new visualization.

First of all, we are going to Log in (bottom left on the screen) with "admin" user and "admin" as password.


Now, on the left pane, click on "Visualize". The list of all available visualization is on the main frame.


Click on "+" to create a new one.

You should see all available types of visualization.


Choose "Metric", the one with figure 42 inside.

Now, you need to choose the related index.

Select "scava-users".


Congratulations, you have created a new visualize with the count of the items in the scava-users index.

We need now to refine this count. Remember, we are looking for the contributors, and this count represents all contributions. So a contributor is counted several times. We need to update the visualize item to filter only unique contributor.

Let's click on the arrow left to "Metric" under "Metrics".

A menu will drop down. In the aggregation field, we are going to choose "Unique count" and in "Field" select "user".



Now, let's see how we can work with this new item.

First you may have noticed in the example above that the result is 7. Note that this result represents the contributors count at the time we wrote this tutorial. You may have a different count when you will go through this step.

Does it mean we have only 7 contributors in all our projects ?

Yes on that day, we had only 7 contributors. You have the possibility to choose the period on which you wish the count. You just need to click on the label on the top right.

Let's set this to "Last 2 years".


The count has been successfully updated !

Once you save your visualization, it will be available to use in any dashboard.


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